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If you want to make different and responsible holidays, the Hôtel Solidaire Mangily invites you to spend a solidarity tourism stay.

In addition to tourist activities like snorkeling in the marine reserve of Ankarajelita and picnic in the NGO Bel Avenir’s protected area of mangroves, Hôtel Solidaire Mangily offers you the opportunity to meet and interact with the local population.

Hôtel Solidaire Mangily promotes a tourism based on sustainable development that respects local cultures, which has an economic impact on the host community and and which also prioritizes respect of the environment.

That’s why a schedule has been established that allows customers to integrate the Bel Avenir’s educational and environmental projects in Mangily.

After a solidarity visit projects of the NGO Bel Avenir surrounding the hotel, the tourist has the opportunity to share his knowledge with young from the Ferme École Mangily which is a farm school. For example tourists can give french lessons or maths, share knowledge in agriculture, livestock and ecotourism, organize awareness sessions and so on.

In centres for Environmental Education, several activities for exchange and sharing with the children are scheduled such as planting moringa which is a part of the NGO Bel Avenir’s fighting against malnutrition Project, animations on the environmental protection issues and educational visits in the Turtle Village or in the Mosa large baobab forest Park.

Finally, tourists can also participate in entertainment activities like reading and writing, as well as crafts in Bel Avenir’s library.

The visitor is free to organize his schedule of exchanges with the beneficiaries and has even invited to perform other educational activities according to their skills and motivations.

Get involved in children’s education in Madagascar with a spirit of solidarity !

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