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For establishing a true balance sheet quality level of services and giving a responsible dimension as well, Hôtel Solidaire Mangily participated in the implementation of QUALITY and DURABLE Charters project issued by the Madagascar ‘s Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Federation (FHORM ). Reviewed by survey and then during the visit of Mr. Richard BOHAN, a tourist marketing and Sustainable Tourism consultant, Hôtel Solidaire Mangily fulfills the QUALITY and SUSTAINABLE Charters’ conditions of FHORM’s adherents with a “very satisfactory” mention.



The Madagascar ‘s Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Federation is the largest travel association in the country, which aims to support the hotelier and restaurateur profession by ensuring the professionalization of the sector, representing hotels and defending their interests.


Some highlights of Hôtel Solidaire Mangily appreciated by FHORM during the audit

A warm welcome, attentive staff, smiling and polite, restaurant, rooms and area always clean and well cared for, the bio and fresh meals are some of the appreciated qualities of service of the Hotel Solidaire Mangily.

Following its solidarity concept, the hotel fulfills also commitments to the people by paying all of its profits for the benefit of educational and environmental projects of the NGO Bel Avenir, in integrating into the local economy in employing ten persons from Mangily village, fighting against sex tourism and inviting customers to visit and participate in educational NGO Bel Avenir’s activity.

Making respect for the environment is one of the hotel’s priorities, the Hôtel Solidaire Mangily’s bungalows were built after obtaining a certificate of legality and traceability of woods, electricity and water are provided by a photovoltaic system and a solar pump, green spaces fulfill the court and strict waste management program is also applied.

These commitments define the Hôtel Solidaire Mangily’s will to always promote a responsible and sustainable tourism.

At Hôtel Solidaire Mangily, enjoy an exceptional quality of service!

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