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From July 2016, the Hôtel Solidaire Mangily offers its clients the opportunity to take a boat trip beyond the coral reef and admire the passage of the whales on the Malagasy South West coast. For your personal safety, the excursion is guided by professionals who know well the conditions required for whale-watching.

It is an extraordinary experience to discover the whales in their natural habitat, watch their stunning leaps and listen to their vocalization. The humpback whales migrate every year all the way from the Antarctic, which is 5000 km away from the South of Madagascar, up to our coasts because the climate conditions and water temperature are more favourable to give birth and take care of the whale calves.

Indeed, the whales give birth to the calves in temperate waters (24º) rather than in the Antarctic where the polar cold would kill the babies. In our seas they also are sheltered from the predators such as orcas and sharks.

Once the babies are born and the families got bigger, it is possible to watch the groups of whales pass along the coast. The Hôtel Solidaire Mangily offers this activity until the end of September when the whale calves will be strong enough to start the long journey back to the Antarctic.

Learn more about the whales by visiting the exhibition of the unique reconstructed humpback whale’s skeleton in the Indian Ocean’s region

To go further in the discovery of the whales during your stay at the Hôtel Solidaire Mangily, our team suggests you to visit the unique reconstructed skeleton of a humpback whale that can be found in the Indian Ocean’s region at the Environmental Education Center located near the entrance of the hotel.

The massive skeleton of the humpback whale is formed by more than 300 bones and is hanging under a large straw hut. The skeleton weighs nearly one ton and is 17 meters long and 6 meters wide. The visitors can read about the humpback whales’ way of life, morphology and behavior as well as the reasons of their migration near the Mangily coasts thanks to explanatory panels.

Be prepared for an outstanding experience at the Hôtel Solidaire Mangily !


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